Snoring Relief: Do Humidifiers Help with Snoring?

Can humidifiers help you with snoring? Find out about it here.

Does a humidifier do more than just provide comfort? In this article, we will explore the question of do humidifiers help with snoring.

Specifically, we will talk about:

  • Can a Humidifier help with snoring?
  • How to pick the best humidifier to help you with snoring problems
  • and other benefits of sleeping with a humidifier

So if you are interested in whether a humidifier will help with snoring problems, then read on.

Do Humidifiers Help Reduce Snoring?

For many people, a humidifier can help reduce the symptoms of snoring.

When it is dry, the air contains less moisture than when there are more liquids in the atmosphere.

The drier environment makes breathing through our nose and mouth much harder for us, creating vibrations from within our throats or chest while we sleep.

This causes loud and irritating sounds called snoring.

The vibration is caused by a combination of dryness and relaxation of muscles in the throat.

A humidifier has been proven to add enough humidity back into the room to not interrupt anyone else’s sleep anymore because of their noisy neighbors at night.

It’s crucial to note, though, that the humidifier is a device that can help you snore less, but it won’t help you if you have sleep apnea or obesity.

A humidifier will not fix the underlying problem; instead, it will only treat your symptoms.

A humidifier also won’t prevent you from snoring if you have other health conditions that contribute to your snoring.

Some professionals can help you get to the bottom of any medical condition causing you to snore.

Before you decide to purchase a humidifier, you must familiarize yourself with some of the available features and consider your needs.

How Can Humidifiers Help with Snoring?

A humidifier can be the best solution for your snoring problems.

It will keep your throat and airways moist and help you breathe easier.

When the air in your bedroom is dry or lacks moisture, it causes painful throat and airways dryness.

A person is more prone to snore loudly if their mouth, nose, and airway are dry.

When these tissues vibrate as a result of breathing, the sound might reverberate more loudly because they become even drier than they were previously.

This can result in snoring so loud that it might wake you up and your partner as well.

It’s vital to have a humidifier for the bedroom, especially if you’re experiencing throat problems or snoring loudly at night.

Adding moisture into the air will help soften the tissues when you breathe in and out and keep them from vibrating.

Snoring can double when the weather is colder and dry air has a tendency to seep into your bedroom.

With the humidifier, you can make sure that your airways are moist enough, and it will help keep them from drying out during the night.

How to Pick the Right Humidifier to Help Your Snoring Problem?

When you’re trying to pick the right humidifier, there are a few things you should keep in mind.


The size of the humidifier will depend on how much space your room takes up, so before making a purchase, be sure to measure out the bedroom and get an idea of how big it is. 

You don’t want to buy a big humidifier for a small bedroom because it can lead to other problems when it’s covered in humidity from the humidifier.

A portable cool mist humidifier is more ideal for smaller rooms, one that you can position right by your bed.

Size also plays a role in how much moisture will be dispersed into the air, depending on the gallons of water capacity.

If you’re having trouble breathing as you sleep, then a bigger or heavier humidifier might not be something good to have in a smaller bedroom.

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You might want to look for a humidifier that is quieter, as you’ll want it to run as quietly as possible when you’re sleeping. 

If you do have other people in your home that are light sleepers or aren’t used to hearing loud noises at night, then choosing a silent humidifier is a good idea.

Ease of Use

If you’re elderly or might have issues with mobility, then a humidifier that is easier to use for everyday things around the house will help. 

You’ll need to clean and refill it multiple times throughout the day while you’re sleeping, so look for one that has simple controls and easy-to-use features. 

Look for one that has a smart feature so that you’re able to set a specific humidity level and then get the perfect conditions for sleeping.

Think about all of these things before making your purchase. 

The Best Humidifier to Help You Stop Snoring

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Consider the Geniani Huron Humidifier for bedrooms and smaller spaces.

It is a cool-mist humidifier with plenty of benefits that the other types of humidifiers can’t offer.

It’s smart enough to maintain a constant humidity level that is ideal for the home or office.

You simply need to add water and press a button. It will do all the work while you sleep comfortably.

It has a 4-liter water tank, and it disperses moisture into the air quietly, using its quiet motor.

When it’s full, it can run for up to 18 hours before you need to refill it again.

It is one of the best humidifiers that won’t keep waking you up at night due to its extreme quietness.

Plus, the Geniani Huron Humidifier also has an essential oil tray to make it smell nice while you sleep.

You can rest easy knowing that your airways will be kept moist and free of snoring noise through this cool mist humidifier.

It is an excellent investment that you should consider for the well-being of yourself and those around you.

What Sleeping With a Humidifier Can Do for You

Besides preventing snoring, humidifiers can do plenty more things for you when it comes to your sleep.

Here are some of the benefits that you can receive from sleeping with a humidifier in your home:

Keeps Skin Hydrated and Heal Dry Patches

One of the main reasons people enjoy using a cool-mist humidifier is that it helps heal skin issues like eczema, keratosis pilaris, and even dry patches of skin.

When your skin is in good condition, it can reduce the chance of you experiencing issues like eczema flare-ups that could be brought about by an overly dry atmosphere.

No More Sore Throats, Coughing, or Congestion

If you’re someone who struggles to breathe through a stuffy nose, then your respiratory system will benefit from the humidification of the air in your home. 

It might help soothe symptoms like coughing, congestion, and sore throats that you might otherwise have if the air in your home was very dry.


So does a humidifier can help with snoring? 

Yes. If you snore, it can help to some extent by lowering the volume of the noise you make by keeping your throat and airways moist.

But if you snore due to an underlying condition like sleep apnea, then a humidifier will not help relieve your symptoms.

The only real way to treat snoring that stems from an underlying condition are to visit an ENT doctor and get evaluated for the situation. 

Humidifiers are great for snoring, but you should always take the time to consider your situation and talk to a doctor if you’re worried that your snoring might be due to an underlying condition.

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