How to Make Distilled Water for Humidifier Easily?

This blog post will teach you how to make distilled water easily for your humidifier

In this blog post, I will show you how to make distilled water for your humidifier easily.

I have been doing this method for many years, and it is the easiest way to make distilled water for a humidifier.

You don’t need any special equipment or skills to do this.

All you need is a large pot, a glass bowl small enough to float inside the pot, and some ice.

Let’s get started!

What is Distilled Water?

Before we begin, I would like to explain what distilled water is.

Distilled water is essentially water that has had all its impurities removed from it by heating it to a high temperature and then cooling it back to its liquid state. 

This process of heating and then cooling the water is called “distillation.” 

And the reason we use this method to purify water because it is the best way to remove all the bad stuff from the water without changing the properties of the water.

The chemicals found in regular water or your tap water are very bad for a humidifier.

When water evaporates from a humidifier, it leaves behind all the chemical compounds which were in the water.

That’s why it is essential to use only distilled water in a humidifier. 

How to Make Distilled Water for Your Humidifier in 5 Steps

You can make distilled water for your humidifier by using the method described below.

STEP 1: Fill a large pot with water and put the pot on a stove or an electric heat source.

STEP 2: Place an empty bowl or cup on the large pot. Make sure the bowl or the cup can float inside the pot.

STEP 3: Turn the stove or the heat source on high. Let the water come to a boil.

STEP 4: While the water is heating, you want to invert the pot’s lid and cover the boiling water.

STEP 5: Place several ice cubes on top of the pot’s lid, let the steam condense on the ice cubes’ cold surface, and then drip back into the empty bowl or cup you placed in STEP 2.

And that’s it. All the water you catch inside the bowl of the cup is distilled water.

This is the easiest way of making distilled water for your humidifier.

If you are still confused, here is a 3 minutes video tutorial you can follow:

Now you just need to pour the distilled water into your humidifier and start using it.

This way, you can make your tap water safe for your humidifier.

This works with any water source you can think of, including rainwater.

What Happens if You Don’t Use Distilled Water in Humidifier?

Distilled water is widely used in humidifiers as it will not leave any residue behind.

You will see many humidifier white dust problems in your home if you use non-distilled water.

This is because when non-distilled water evaporates, it leaves behind all the minerals, chemicals, and contaminants that were present in the water.

If you are using non-distilled water, your humidifier’s filter will quickly get rusted due to the minerals present in tap or regular water.

To protect your humidifier’s filter and prolong its lifespan, you need to use distilled water.

We have talked about what water to use in a humidifier in another post.

You can read it here: Can You Use Tap Water in a Humidifier? Find Out Here!

Is Bottled Water the Same as Distilled Water?

Bottled water is not the same as distilled water.

Yes, bottled water comes from natural springs, or it may be filtered tap or regular water.

But that doesn’t mean it is suitable for your humidifiers.

This is because some bottled brands still contain some minerals, sediments, and chemicals.

So if you use bottled water in your humidifier, the minerals and chemicals will leave white dust or residue on all your furniture, flooring, appliances, and other surfaces. 

Using distilled water is the only way to get rid of “humidifier white dust” problems.

Key Takeaways

Distilled water is the best choice when it comes to humidifiers.

You can make distilled water easily by following the steps described above.

Distilled water will not leave any residue or mineral deposits behind.

So, these are the easy steps to follow when you want to use distilled water in your humidifier.

It is one of the ways to make your tap water safe for your humidifier.

I hope this article was helpful for you! If it was, then don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family! Thanks for reading.

If you have any questions or any topic in particular that you would like me to write about, comment below. I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Until next time! Cheers!

FAQs about Humidifier and Distilled Water

Is Boiled Water Good for Humidifier?

No, boiled water is not good for a humidifier. Just boiling your tap water will not remove any sediments, minerals, and chemicals.
A lot of these contaminants will affect the performance of your humidifier and leave a white, powdery residue on your furniture and appliances.
You need to distill boiled water to get rid of harmful contaminants that it may have.

Where to Buy Distilled Water for Humidifier?

You can buy distilled water from a hardware store.
Also, some grocery stores may keep distilled water in their coolers.
I would recommend you to buy a gallon or a 3-liter container of distilled water and then refill it into smaller containers so that you have the convenience of carrying it from room to room.

What can I Use Instead of Distilled Water?

The next best thing to use in a humidifier is filtered water.
You can use filtered water. Just consider the filtration process carefully.
Filtered water must be free of any sediments, minerals, chemicals, and other contaminants.

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