8 Benefits of Humidifier Every Homeowner Should Know!

8 Humidifiers benefits every homeowners should know about

The benefits of humidifier use in your home are numerous. 

There are many reasons why homeowners should invest in a humidifier, and this blog post highlights some of them! 

So if you are in the market for a humidifier, you are in luck!

Since the benefits of using humidifiers are numerous, let us get right to it.

How do Humidifiers work?

Before you get a humidifier, it is important to know how it works in order to see its benefits. 

A humidifier does just as the name implies; it adds moisture and increases humidity levels within a room or home. 

There are several ways that this can be done, but they all operate on one central principle:

Humidifiers work by adding moisture or water vapor to the air. 

This increases the humidity levels of a room.

The most common way is via evaporation, where distilled water is poured into the unit and comes out as droplets of water (vapor).

As these droplets enter the air, they evaporate and increase ambient humidity, which can be measured in a room.

Benefits of Using a Humidifier

Helps to keep airborne viruses from spreading.

The most important reason for owning a humidifier is to eliminate airborne viral infections. 

According to one study, humidifiers may help prevent the flu virus from entering our bodies.

The study discovered that humidity levels of more than 40% destroyed virus particles in a short period, making the virus less infectious and easier to remove.

So this means that by using a humidifier, the spread of airborne viruses during cold and flu season can be significantly reduced. 

Keeps your skin and lips moisturized and hydrated

One benefit of a humidifier to your skin is that it moisturizes your skin and lips. 

It also keeps both of them from cracking, especially during cold weather months. 

When the humidity levels in a room are low, our skin and lips can get dry and cracked as a result.  

Humidifier use can eliminate this problem by keeping the moisture level in a home at an optimal range. 

Also, when you have cracked lips due to winter weather conditions (cold temperature), humidifiers provide relief from the pain by increasing the air’s moisture content.

Skin problems related to dryness will no longer be an issue once you add a humidifier to your home or office space!

This is extremely helpful during cold and flu season and dreary winter months when your skin needs all the help it can get to combat dryness. 

It not only helps with preventing wrinkles but also improves your overall complexion.

There are also numerous benefits of a humidifier for a baby’s skin. 

You may have heard on the news that dry skin in the baby is more prone to rashes and infections.

Well, the humidifier will keep your baby’s skin moisturized and hydrated even during winter or cool seasons when their skin quickly dries out. 

Protects your throat from getting sore and irritated

Dry air can cause an array of health problems.

One of these is dryness in your respiratory tract, which can be particularly harmful to people with chronic cough and cold symptoms.

The reason behind this is that a humidifier maintains the proper moisture levels in the air to keep it from drying out your throat. 

So if you suffer from frequent sore throats or irritation due to dry air, get yourself a humidifier!

Relieves your sinuses from congestion

Another benefit of humidifier use is that it can relieve your sinus from congestion. 

When the air inside our home becomes cold and dry, it causes our nasal passages to shrink due to dehydration. 

This makes breathing more difficult, which can trigger a stuffy nose or stuffy head (sinuses).

If you have ever had a cold or flu, you know that the worst part has your throat constantly tightening up, making it extremely difficult to swallow. 

This can be eliminated by using a humidifier regularly because it keeps your airways moist. 

By doing so, you can significantly reduce any pain associated with dryness in your throat. 

So if you are looking for relief from persistent sore throats, then get yourself a humidifier.  

It may help provide much-needed relief!

Reduces snoring

If you or your partner sleep with a snorer, then you know how hard it can be to get enough sleep at night.

But the good news is that humidifiers help reduce the amount of snoring during the night.  

They do this by reducing airway resistance and creating easier breathing conditions for people who suffer from allergies or colds. 

When your airways get dried out, it will make snoring worse.

When the airways become dry, they tend to vibrate more intensely due to each breath in or out, making it harder on others nearby trying not only to hear but also sleep at night. 

Adding moisture to the air at night by using a humidifier may help alleviate some symptoms.

This means less noise during nighttime (essentially allowing everyone else in your home to get some much-needed shut-eye).

Improves the health and growth of your houseplants

benefits of humidifier for plant

Even your plants will benefit from humidifiers! 

Plants need a specific humidity level to keep their leaves healthy, but many people do not realize how dry the air is in their homes or offices. 

When you add a humidifier into your home or office space, you will notice that the leaves on all your plants are more vibrant and green. 

This is because it did what it was supposed to do – increase the moisture levels inside the room for optimal plant conditions.

Some of the most popular houseplants come from the jungle and rain forests.

This means that they are used to a high level of humidity in their natural habitat.

When the air is too dry, it can cause problems for the plants as well. 

If they do not have enough moisture in their environment, they will wilt and may even become sickly or die.

So if you have a house full of potted plants, then consider getting yourself one as soon as possible!

You will definitely see the benefits of a humidifier for plants if you keep one in your home.

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Protects your furniture from cracking 

Many people do not realize that the air inside their homes can be very damaging to furniture.

This is due to the fact that when the air is too dry, it tends to suck the moisture out of everything it comes into contact with. 

By doing so, your furniture may become highly dried out and start to crack.   

It may even begin peeling off its own finish or color, which will cause you a massive headache!

What causes this from happening?   

Well, over time, items made of wood tend to absorb moisture from the surrounding air. 

When they get exposed to excessive amounts of dryness, each cell in the wood expands as much as possible, resulting in our furniture getting dried out.  

When this occurs, your furniture will start to crack and may even peel its own surface!

This means that you will have to spend a lot of money fixing it as well.

But luckily, there is a solution! 

You can get yourself a humidifier so that you can balance out the moisture levels in each room. 

By doing so, it will help prevent any cracks from forming on your wood surfaces.   

Not only does humidity do great things for your health and home appliances, but it also helps protect items like flooring and furniture!

Makes your house warmer and cozier

Do you love the feeling of walking into a warm, cozy room? 

If so, then consider picking up a humidifier to make your home more comfortable.   

Although a humidifier cannot raise the temperature in your house, it will make you feel the heat from the air to be warmer. 

This is because when humidity increases in a room, it makes it harder for your body to sweat. 

So, in turn, your body may feel warmer, which will make you more comfortable than before.

As a result, you may be able to lower your thermostat a few degrees which could amount to big savings on your energy bills.

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Humidifier

Types of Humidifier Machines

There are several different kinds of humidifiers, all of which perform the same fundamental purpose of adding moisture to the air.

  • Steam vaporizers: These types of humidifiers utilize electricity to generate steam, which is then cooled before it is released from the device. In addition, You should avoid using steam vaporizers close to babies due to the danger of burning their skins.
  • Evaporative humidifiers: These are the most common and cost-effective types of humidifiers for homes. The air is passed through a wick, which absorbs water and releases it into the surrounding area.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers: As the name suggests, ultrasonic vaporizers use a high-frequency vibration to disperse tiny water droplets in the air. Their relatively quiet operation and ease of use (and cleaning!) are also a popular choice.
  • Impeller humidifiers: These humidifiers utilize a rotating disc to pump the water up and out from the bottom. These are usually safe for children to use since they evaporate water via spinning disks rather than heat.
  • Central humidifiers: These devices are connected to the central air conditioning system of a house, allowing them to provide moisture to the whole area.

The Size of Your Room

Once you have picked out a humidifier, you should consider your room’s size when deciding on what to buy. You can’t possibly expect to get good results from a small humidifier in a large room!

So you will need to make sure that the humidifier has enough power to cover every corner of your room. 

The easiest way for you to do this is to look at a recommended coverage area on the product’s information page!

If you are interested in finding out the best place for your humidifier, read our guide on Where to Place Humidifier?

Noise Level of the Humidifier

You might be surprised to hear that some humidifiers can get pretty noisy! 

While you are sleeping, it is highly disruptive for something to be making loud sounds.

So make sure that you buy a model with a low noise output so that you don’t get woken up in the middle of the night when using your humidifier!

Power & Energy Consumption of the Humidifier

As with anything electrical, a humidifier will also use up some energy.

So you should take this into consideration when choosing one.  

You would not want to run your humidifiers for extended periods because they are too expensive and not environmentally friendly.

Apart from the initial purchase price of a humidifier, you will have to factor in its long-term running costs too!

Tips for Using and Maintaining Your Humidifier

Now that you have finally bought your own humidifier, then you’ll need to take good care of it.

As with any other electronic item, many parts within the humidifier can be quite delicate and fragile.

So you will need to make sure that you clean it on a regular basis since this will prevent your humidifier from breaking down in the future. 

This is important to keep in mind because if left unattended for long periods, they would turn into breeding grounds for bacteria and mold.

So here are some pointers on how to clean your humidifier properly:

Humidifiers collect a lot of dust over time, so you should start by vacuuming out the inside and wiping the exterior with a damp cloth.

You can’t use any abrasive material like cleaning agents because it will damage the surface!

If there is a removable filter within the humidifier, you should take it out and clean it as well.

Additionally, you should add a little bit of white vinegar to a bowl of water and spray down the inside surface with it.

This will eliminate any bacteria or mold in your humidifier and keep it functioning properly!

While this seems like a lot of work, it’s much better than getting sick from a dirty humidifier!

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FAQs about Humidifier Benefits

With all of this information in mind, you might have lots of questions about humidifiers. So here are some common ones that I get asked all the time:

Is Using a Humidifier Good for You?

Absolutely! Humidifiers are essential because, besides the health benefits that we’ve already mentioned, they can also protect your house and improve your sleep quality.

Humidifiers are ideal for treating dry conditions in your home because they tackle the issue at its core!

So when you add moisture back into the air, you will create a healthier environment for everyone.

Can a Humidifier Damage Electronics?

In general, the answer is no. Humidifiers do not pose any type of danger to computers and other electronic equipment.

We talk in-depth about this in our blogpost about whether humidifier poses a danger to computers.

Can a Humidifier Damage Your Books Collection?

This is the most frequent question that I get through my website, and the answer is no. If you read a few articles about humidifier benefits, then you’ll soon realize that a humidifier is vital to maintaining the health of your books and papers.

If you want to learn more, check out this article on whether humidifiers are safe for books and papers.

Does Humidifier Increase Oxygen?

This is also an extremely common question that I receive from people thinking about purchasing a new humidifier.

The answer to this question is also no.

We explain why in this article about do humidifiers increase oxygen.

Does Humidifier Help with Air Quality?

Humidifiers do help in this area because they can disperse moisture throughout your home.

However, if you are looking for a cleaner source of air, then you need to get an air purifier to tackle this issue.

Unfortunately, humidifiers don’t really do anything in regards to filtering the air in your home.

We talk more about humidifiers ability to filter air in this article about does humidifier clean the air.


Adding a humidifier to your home is one of the best investments you can make for yourself.

It will allow you to improve air quality in every room, protect furniture from cracking, ward off plant problems and make your house cozier.

Plus, the health benefits for your throat and skin will make it all worth it!

So now that I have given you eight reasons why you should be getting a humidifier, will you actually go out and buy one? 

Or do you already own one?  

Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading.

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